The process involves covering the whole exterior of a vehicle in a thin, malleable, adhesive vinyl that can change the color and finish of  cars, trucks, boats, trailers, walls, floors, furniture, laptops or just about any surface.

Once the vinyl has been positioned and applied, it is trimmed and cut away from around the windows, door jams, panel gaps and trim details. It is then thoroughly stuck down onto the paintwork by working out any trapped air from underneath the vinyl with a soft squeegee and using a heat gun to help it adhere and to the contours of the vehicle.

Cars. Trucks. Trailers. Boats.


At Gaslight Vinyl we specialize in the design, print, and installation of all types of vehicle graphics.


  • Not as susceptible to UV rays as is paint, thus reducing fading over time. Minimizes the chances of chipping or scratching.
  • A vinyl vehicle wrap requires only a matter of a few days to complete whereas a high-quality paint job can take two weeks to go through the entire process.
  • Vinyl wraps give you a tremendous amount of choice in looks and finishes. Choose a matte, gloss, or satin finish.
  • A wrap is an excellent option should you decide to sell your car and wish to have the paint job underneath kept pristine.

1. Contact Us

The best way to get started is to contact us by phone, email, or stop by our studio. We like to discuss your design ideas and we may need photos or measurements of your vehicle before we are able to offer an accurate estimate.


2. Estimate

Once we have the information we need we'll send you an estimate for the total cost of your wrap. This is an ESTIMATE for the design, print, and installation of your graphics based on initial measurements and vinyl choices. If your job gets bigger. The price gets bigger.


3. Deposit

When the estimate has been approved a 50% deposit is required BEFORE we start your wrap design/layout.


4. Design & Print

After email instruction, or a scheduled consultation, we will begin the design and layout of your graphics. A proof will be emailed within one week of deposit. You'll review your proof and call or email with feedback. We'll make revisions and resend. We repeat this process until we reach final approval on design, at which time we'll prepare your graphics for production.

5. Scheduling

We will call to schedule your installation as soon as your design is approved. Depending on the volume of business we may be booked for up to 3 weeks. Please note: we WILL NOT schedule your wrap before your final design is approved.

6. Prep & Installation

Thoroughly wash your vehicle 2 days before your scheduled installation. Unwashed vehicles will be charged a MINIMUM $75.00 cleaning fee. When your vehicle has been dropped off it will be inspected. Any dents, scratches, blemishes in the paint, etc. will be brought to your attention before installation begins.


7. How Long Does It Take?

We prioritize quality over speed. Installation times vary according to the complexity of the project. For a full vinyl wrap, we typically ask for a minimum of 2 days. Additional time may be required for larger vehicles or if we are removing old graphics/vinyl. Smaller jobs like roofs, hoods, etc. typically take one day.




  • Effective for any kind of business if designed right.
  • A well-designed car wrap or a truck wrap with a clear and effective message can generate 30,000 to 70,000 impressions daily.
  • Almost 30% of buyers base their buying preferences mainly on what they see.
  • Vehicle wraps boost brand recognition by more than 15 times. Your car wrap or truck wrap can really help you to grab the attention of potential customers. It is a very powerful secondary media tool that should support your primary marketing strategy.